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LSR injection parts

Liquid Silicone Rubber components offer high thermal stability, ozone and UV resistance and long term non-aging mechanical properties in many challenging environmental conditions. By using fully automated injection molding technology, low tolerances are achieved even when unique odd shapes are required.

Among the many characteristics that stand-out for industrial components we provide:

  • Advanced cold runner production which reduces material waste and enables the production of flash-free parts (no gate hole and no cryogenic de-flashing required).
  • A material with low compression set, stress relaxation, and superior elongation as well as tear resistance
  • Excellent chemical resistance, ozone and UV resistance which allows for many extreme condition applications without loss of mechanical properties
  • High-purity, FDA-approved raw materials for food contact products
  • Non-toxic, inorganic, non-allergenic materials for skin contact products
  • Liquid Silicone Rubber materials which are naturally translucent but may be dyed into a wide variety of semi-transparent or strong solid colors


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