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Cold shrink Products Cold shrink Products
Type: cold shrink indoor/outdoor termination, cold shrink joint, silcone cold shrink tube, EPDM cold shrink tube, cold shrink breakout, constant force spring
Voltage: 1kV, 10kV, 24kV, 35kV, 66kV, 110kV
Material: Germany liquid silicone rubber
Standard: GB/T12706-2002 (equal IEC 60502 )
Special: Can produce according to customers special demands
Cold shrink Machine Cold shrink Machine
Type: LSR injection machine, expanding machine, plastic brace strip extrusion machine, plastic brace wrap machine, heat shrink machine
LSR injection: computer control, PLC control, continuous feed
Expanding machine: air expand, bag expand, breakout expand, steel wire expand
Plastic extrusion: PP, PE, ultrasonic welding, hot air welding, self-snap
Heat shrink Products Heat shrink Products
Type: heat shrink indoor/outdoor termination, heat shrink joint, heat shrink thin wall tube, heat shrink heavy wall tube, heat shrink dual wall tube, busbar tube, insulated cover for transformer, cable end caps
Voltage: 1kV, 10kV, 24kV, 35kV
Standard: GB/T12706-2002 (equal IEC 60502 )
Pre-mould Cable Accessories Pre-mould Cable Accessories
Type: pre-mould indoor/outdoor termination, pre-mould joint, Heat shrink type pre-mould, cold shrink type pre-mould
Voltage: 10kV, 24kV, 35kV
Material: Germany liquid silicone rubber
Standard: GB/T12706-2002 (equal IEC 60502 )
Rubber Products Rubber Products
Type: silcone injection, silcone moulding, silcone extrusion
Durometer : Shore A 10-70
Color: accoding to customer's demands
Bonding to: metal, plastic
Application: food and kitchen, medical, automotive, maternal and child health care, industrial



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