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        Hangzhou BoChuang Rubber Technology Co., Ltd . The company predecessor is founded in June, 1998. We are specialist in the development and manufacture of Liquid Silicone Rubber products, cold shrink cable accessories and heat shrink cable accessories, whose technical specification achieved or surpasses the overseas similar products, can effectively substitute the oversea liquid silicone rubber products, heat/cold shrink cable accessories production line, with our continuous efforts made in quality system, R&D, and customer support.

        We developed the silicone rubber injection equipment, cold flow channel molding production line and measurement coloration system by ourselves. The main raw material imports from Germany . The product adopt the provincial level new product appraisal ahead of the country leading level, the company consider as the high attitude with the contract and the credibility the financial system AAA level credit enterprise all the time "Best technology", stable performance and lowest price are characteristic of our product, so it is used by many famous customers of power cable accessories in the world.

        Our mainly products are: Liquid silicone rubber injection equipment, cold shrink machine, LSR tube, cold shrink cable accessories(include the cold shrink termination, cold shrink splice, cold shrink tube), heat shrink products, silicone rubber tape, armor tape, constant force spring and other rubber products.

        The quality system is established as per the standard of GB/T19001-2000-ISO: 2000, and the products, which are qualified by electrical equipment performance test center of the power industry ministry, are made according to GB/T12706-2002(This national standard is identical to IEC60502).


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